Director’s Notes:

It’s been twenty years since the genocide against the Tutsi’s ensued in Rwanda, where in just one hundred days, nearly one million men, women and children were brutally murdered. As my country healed, many films were made on the subject. I have contributed to a good share of them throughout my career including the recording of powerful testimonies from survivors and perpetrators.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve witnessed and documented the recovery of a nation that has been reconstructed through a social, political, cultural and economic dynamic from the perspective of its pain and turbulent tragic past. My dream has been to share with a worldwide audience, the energy that abounds from this rebirth, renaissance and resilience. And what better way than through the powerful music and movements that come from the young men and women who inherited the sacrifices and the pain of their nation? They’ve overcome loss, exile, and have lived with the scars left by the genocide. Now they are spreading the message of forgiveness. It is through their music and dance that they tell their stories and own their destinies. This is what has moved me to present a film with a message of hope and triumph from my people.

I consider this film to be a true emblematic painting of Rwanda and its innumerable art forms of dance and music, it’s incredible landscapes, and it’s amazing voices.

Welcome to INTORE.                                                                                           - Eric Kabera